Yes, you must get your AC’s services regularly to ensure the proper functioning of the unit.

No matter what kind of air conditioning unit/s you have, you must check, clean, and service them at least once a year. The best practice is to get it serviced at regular intervals during the year i.e. every quarter or after every six months.

An AC maintenance service includes the following –

  • Cleaning both the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Check for water leakage or gas.
  • Remove any dirt and dust collected on the filters, coils, fans, condensate drains, etc. The technician will make sure your air conditioner is working at its best levels.

When you feel the AC is not cooling the room, as you expect it to. If you haven’t cleaned the AC in the last three months or the power bills increase significantly.

Usually, ac service takes about 30 minutes for one ac at home. However, depending on the size of the AC and the number of units you required maintenance for. If it involves dismantling, installing or gas charging, then the service may take up to 60 minutes or more. The time needed to repair your ac will depend on the problems the technicians find.

Consistent maintenance and service can keep your ac unit functioning at maximum efficacy, significantly extending the life of your air conditioner and reducing operating costs. Regular ac maintenance will ensure that the unit is eligible for the full warranty of up to _____years instead of just the manufacturer’s standard one-year warranty.

Yes, we recommend a regular filter change. Regularly replacing your ac filter helps to maintain a peak level functioning of the heating and cooling system while improving indoor air quality. A filter change ensures maximum airflow keeping your home or office dust-free, allergen and germ-free. Ask My AC Expert technician for the ideal time to change your filters and schedule your filter change with them.

If you’d like to increase the efficiency and lifetime of your ac units, please check the tips mentioned below

  • Clean and/or replace your filters regularly
  • Make sure the blower is ON. Doing so ensures there is a constant movement of air in the home allowing for better air filtration.
  • Put up curtains, shades or shutters on windows exposed to direct sunlight to keep the room temperature at moderate levels.
  • Check and replace electrical parts if required.

Whether you have a bigger or small AC unit, it doesn’t always mean it will perform better. What you must focus on is the efficiency and performance of your ac unit. Before you buy a new unit or replace the old unit make sure you check if the size of the ac matches the requirements of the room and fits your budget too. Your My AC Expert technician can evaluate your home and understand your comfort requirements to recommend the correct ac size you need.

Installing the AC unit involves laying pipes, installing the indoor unit and the outdoor unit brackets, linking the outdoor and indoor unit using pipes and setting up the electrical connection. While installing there could be other requirements such as added pipes, copper wires, gas charging, electrical wires, bracket, stands, pipe concealers, switches. These additions may incur added costs.

Our rates are based on the type of AC unit you have. These rates include labor and conveyance costs. My AC Expert has transparent pricing so you can check them on the website. To know the charges, click here

Our technicians require the society’s permission to enter your apartment and working water and power connection.

Yes, we understand security is important. So, we use an SSL encrypted secured payment gateway on the website.

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