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We offer a comprehensive list of HVAC services for cooling and heating systems. Repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance are our specialties. we service and perform maintenance on all makes and models.

Air-conditioning Audit

Is it enough to have an air conditioning unit? Won’t you like that it works efficiently and effectively? Most of us don’t think of its efficiency until it breaks down or you pay inflated power bills.

Well, to make sure you have the most energy-efficient ac units, My AC Expert offers Air Conditioning AUDIT. The audit check tests operating parameters such as the POWER CONSUMPTION, FILTER CONDITIONS. ELECTRICAL PARTS CONDITIONS, COMPRESSOR CONDITION, METAL PART CONDITION, OUTDOOR UNIT LOCATION, AND TEMPERATURE SETTINGS

The audit also checks for low refrigerant charge and maintenance requirements. If you would like to know more, call us to fix an appointment today.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance just like any other appliance. The filters, coils, and fans need consistent upkeep for the ac unit to work effectually and competently through its years of service. Ignoring essential care guarantees a stable deterioration in an air conditioner’s performance while power used increases steadily with a threat of FIRE AND UNWANTED EVENTS

To ensure regular maintenance contact My AC Expert for their affordable annual maintenance contracts (AMC). With an AMC, you can sit back and relax as ac maintenance at regular intervals will be on time.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Your air conditioner stopped working? The swing doesn’t work, and it feels like you are still sweating despite the AC? The ac isn’t cooling your home or office even when it’s set at low temperatures. Well, this means your air conditioner needs repairs.

My AC Expert offers an ac repair service that not only helps you understand what went wrong but also offers solutions that are practical and affordable. If you’d like to know how to assess your AC regularly, then read our FAQ section. The section offers an insight on how to maintain your AC’s regularly.

Air Conditioning Installation or Shifting

Have you bought a new air conditioner, and it needs installation? Are you shifting to a new home or office and plan to take the air conditioner with you? My AC Expert helps you take down the ac unit ensuring your wires are intact. They also re-install the air conditioner at your new office or home.

Installation and re-installation are done after assessing the house and the integrity of the connection done. We take the utmost care to install the unit in a clean and precise way to ensure there is no chance of leakage or breakdown once work is complete. Our expert technicians will recommend the placement of the outdoor unit to maximize ventilation and cooling. We assure you of prompt execution and correct installations. Call us to fix an appointment today. NIDHI 7738336789

Commercial AC Units

Commercial air conditioner maintenance is necessary to ensure a healthy HVAC system. Your air conditioners are indispensable to your business. A maintained ac system keeps your customers and employees happy promoting an effIcient and Healthy work environment. To keep your system functioning efficiently, commercial air conditioning maintenance is vital. My AC Expert offers specialized AC repair and annual maintenance services to businesses throughout Mumbai.

Our expert technicians can detect problems that you cannot. They also help to avert unforeseen and expensive repairs. We recommend starting a maintenance contract and schedule for professional commercial air conditioning services with My AC Expert. With an AMC, you can save money, increase the lifespan of your HVAC system, and find issues before they affect your business. To contact for a service or AMC click here

Tip: Don’t wait for the summer heat to become unbearable to get your commercial ac units serviced.

New Products and Accessories

Are you looking to buy AC unit/s for your home or a commercial ac system for your office, stores, or retail premises? Well, there are several brands you can choose from, but are you sure the unit you buy will be energy-efficient and affordable? To get an idea of the air conditioner that best suits your requirements, contact My AC Expert.

Our technicians will understand your requirements, the area of the house or office covered, and the layout of the premises to recommend the best air conditioner for you. You can also check the products and accessories available with us. Scroll down to check them out